Topgolf’s Unique Experience is 100% Not Golf


Topgolf is a golf-based entertainment franchise, which focuses on the technology of driving range and mini-golf course activities. It operates worldwide with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the UK. The company offers both indoor and outdoor services that accommodate up to 6 players per game. Topgolf features high-tech driving range bays, two restaurants with full-service bars, and a unique scoring system that allows for social competition.

Topgolf’s primary source of revenue is from the fees associated with playing the game. Players pay an hourly rate to access the bays and can pay additional fees per game depending on which levels they choose to play. Additionally, Topgolf adds revenue streams through food and beverage sales, merchandise, lessons, corporate events, birthday parties and other special occasions.

Topgolf charges customers a fixed hourly fee for access to their facilities which gives them unlimited use of the driving range and game technology. Topgolf also makes money through food and beverage sales as well as corporate events, lessons, birthday parties and other special occasions. This ensures that even when their driving range is quiet, Topgolf still generates income.

The cost to play at Topgolf is determined by the time of day you visit, with rates increasing during peak times like weekends. Generally, prices range from $30-$60 per hour depending on the location and time of day. Topgolf also offers more competitive “Toptracer” play, which cost increases up to $90 per hour. In addition to hourly rates, a flat fee can be charged for playing the 9-hole executive course or the driving range.

At Topgolf locations, players are provided with access to a variety of games and engaging experiences that utilize their state-of-the art technology. Players can choose from a range of interactive games, as well as classic modes like target practice or long drive competitions.

The courses also feature unique features such as microchipped golf balls that track the accuracy and distance of each shot. This real-time scoring system allows players to track their progress in games, as well as compete with other players or groups. While Topgolf promotes its business model as 100% not golf, many people who enjoy and play golf go to their facilities to have fun and to improve their game.

Competitors Are Putting Pressure on Topgolf’s Leadership Position

Topgolf is just one of many golf entertainment venues popping up around the country. Some of the other competitors include Drive Shack, which offers a virtual entertainment experience with high-tech driving ranges, mini-golf, food & beverage service and more; Golfzon, which specializes in digital golf simulators that allow players to compete against each other in a virtual environment; Putt-Putt, which offers traditional mini golf along with arcade games; Pop Stroke which offers bar and restaurant facilities along with elaborate Tiger Woods designed mini-golf putting courses and Suite Shots, a direct competitor to Topgolf with similar scoring technology along with food and beverage options.

All of these venues make money primarily through fees associated with their services, such as hourly rates for playing their golf related games or participating in other activities. They also generate revenue from food & beverage sales, special events, sponsorships, and memberships. Prices vary widely depending on the type of venue and the services they offer.

In addition to the fees associated with services, the venues generate revenue through sponsorships and advertising. Companies such as Coca Cola often partner with these businesses in order to promote their products and increase their visibility. Furthermore, many of these companies have restaurants and bars on-site, allowing them to make money off of food and drink sales.

Another way that these businesses generate money is by hosting special events, such as corporate team building days or tournaments. These events usually require a fee for participants, as well as additional services such as catering or equipment rental. In addition, many of these companies offer memberships, which give customers discounted access to their facilities and services.

Topgolf offers their Annual Pass which allows customers to pay an upfront fee of $199 that grants them unlimited access to their golf games for a year. Similarly, Drive Shack and TruGolf offer packages that allow customers to gain discounted or free access depending on how frequently they come back.

Ultimately, all of these establishments rely on customer visits and purchases to make their money. Whether it’s paying for the use of a bay or purchasing alcoholic beverages, the customers’ spending is what keeps these businesses running. As such, they all strive to create an appealing and enjoyable atmosphere that will entice more people to visit and keep them coming back. With a focus on customer satisfaction and providing a high-quality experience, each company has been successful in achieving its goal of becoming one of the most popular attractions in the golf entertainment industry.


Topgolf has quickly become a very popular entertainment venue in a number of cities in various countries. Its attention to customer service and creating a fun experience for its customers has made it a leader in the social entertainment industry. While Topgolf faces increasing competition from companies creating a similar experience and from others using different models but similar social-focused entertainment, it currently enjoys a leadership position and is expected to thrive in the ever-expanding interactive social entertainment industry.

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